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Sea World Orlando

Sea World is home to the famous killer whale ▬ Shamu.

No other place can give you adventure like SeaWorld Orlando. The thrilling rides and the animal shows are unique to this place. Make sure to purchase your Sea World tickets online to get a discount.

Meet up to Kraken's challenge.  The legendary sea monster comes to reality and brings you thrill like no other in the only floorless roller coaster in Orlando. Run away from spirits who are protecting Atlantis in this combination of rollercoaster and water ride ▬ Journey to Atlantis. Then have a rough journey aboard a helicopter as you beat an impending snowstorm on your way to the remote research station in the Wild Arctic. Throughout the journey, you'll encounter various arctic animals.

After a thrilling ride, feel the spirit of wonder come to life while watching Believe, a new Shamu show that would captivate you. Be immersed in a vivid underwater adventure as you witness the see and the sky come together to tickle your imagination in Mistify. Witness delightful and comic circus stunts through Odyssea, then compare this to Blue Horizons, where dolphins and whales are the ones doing the acrobat. Take your mind off the waters for a few minutes and watch dogs, cats, birds, rats and other animals perform hilarious skits in Pets Ahoy! Finally, celebrate with Fusion as they feature different water sports.

Visit the manatees, an endangered species endemic to Florida.  The Manatee Rescue has become a halfway house to this specie where they are treated before being released back to the open water.

Feed sea lions at the Pacific Point Preserve, pet penguins at the Penguin Encounter, travel through an underwater tunnel and try to identify the sharks that you'll find in the Shark Encounter. Visit cute little dolphins in the Dolphin Nursery.  Then interact with adult bottlenose dolphins in the Dolphin Cove. View the stingrays in the Stingray Lagoon and the turtles in the Turtle Point. Then to top it all, have you photos taken beside the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales at the Clydesdales Hamlet.

The best thing about Sea World is being close to nature even when you're in the heart of a city.


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