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Medieval Times Dinner Show

Journey back to the 11th century as guests of King Alfonso and his daughter Princess Experanza and cheer for your knight as he defends the crown.

Enjoy a hearty feast of savory garlic bread, steaming hot vegetable soup, then come roasted chicken, spare rib, a seasoned potato and pastry of the Castle. Two rounds of beverages are included with the feast.

As the feast goes on, watch as swords meet swords in a lance-splintering fight all in honor of the kingdom. Witness how love unfolds in the story as the princess falls for a gallant knight.

As trumpets sound to signal the start of the joust, Knights in full armor and gallantly riding their horses enter the arena. They would battle using medieval weaponry ▬ sword, axe, mace and bola ▬ in their quest for victory. In the end only one brave Knight will be left standing to claim the title of New Champion.

After a legendary show, the feast continues at The Knight Club. With full bar service, lively music and a dance floor.

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