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Walt Disney World Resort

Over 38 years of fun and excitement and still the magic remains.

With almost the same size as the city of San Francisco, Walt Disney World Resort is home to timeless characters that we, both young and old, have loved. Here, you are given a chance to experience a world you've known only through books and movies. At Disney World you will experience Magic.

Magic Your Way is Disney's brand of flexible tickets that allow you to customize your ticket by purchase a base ticket first at a set fee, then purchasing add-ons. Your Disney tickets options for add-ons would be: Park Hopper, Water Park Fun and More, and No Expiration.

Save your place in line with FastPass. This is a free Guest Service that allows you to go around and experience more of the park without the fear of losing your place in the line once you leave.

Disney World has four uniquely themed parks and from each one you'll experience a different magic.

Witness the timeless Disney characters come to life at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park.  After playing with your favorite characters, stretch your imagination and watch dazzling shows, have interactive experiences and stop by amazing attractions with you family and friends at Epcot. Then, have a feel of the showbiz world as Hollywood classic films take center stage at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Finally, appreciate nature as you savor the shows, attractions and the animals both real and imagined at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

After exhausting the attractions at the theme parks, it's time to get wet at  Blizzard Beach. Let the chair lift bring you to Mount Gushmore where you will experience slalom courses, bobsled and toboggan on downhill waterslides. Or, you may want to try the roaring rapids, twisting tides and the relaxing river at Typhoon Lagoon.

With the magic of Disney World, no one is too young and too old.


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