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Arabian Nights Dinner Show

Witness how a fairytale comes to life as horses and riders bond to give a dramatic and touching love story.
Arabian Nights Dinner Show takes center stage at the Palace Of Horses▬the world's largest indoor equestrian facility.  The story revolves around a wedding celebration where the Prince summons the black stallion to protect the event from unwanted guests. The wedding is filled with surprises and adventure and every act is done on horseback.  The acts will awe not only adults but also children.  It celebrates the beauty of horses and the mystery of the most famous fictional horse▬The Black Stallion.

The 22-act show also features Gypsy Acrobatic Riders, the Ben Hur chariot race, the Square Dance on Horseback, Arabian Night’s Tribute to the Native Americans and their horses, the New York, New York Quadrille and Gaylord Maynard and his drunk horse, the Appaloosa Stallion Chief Bear Paw.

Since its opening in February 1988, this place have given its audience the most memorable experience of being wedding guests and not just mere audience. As you enter the palace, you will be greeted by your humble servants who will cater to your every needs.  You may enjoy bountiful meals such as certified Black Angus Beef, Vegetable Lasagna, Grilled Chicken Breasts and more.  All the meals are served with garlic mashed potatoes, fresh vegetable medley, rolls with butter, unlimited house beer and wine.

This place will surely win your hearts.


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